We’ve come up with our own Scoring System. It’s totally malleable: take what you need, then add in whatever new points you like. As the show changes each season, you’ll want to adapt the points system, too.    

Download The Scoring System → 




+5 Target on her back
Your queen wins the very first challenge

+4 Drag Idol
Your queen wins a maxi challenge

+2 And the first runner up is…
Your queen wins a mini challenge

-1 Picked last in gym class
Your queen is picked last for a challenge

-2 Total Bottom
Your queen is in the bottom

-4 Home Team
Your queen sashays away

-5 Poor tuck, Porkchop!
Your queen goes home the first week


+5 Snatch Bonus
Your queen wins the Snatch Game

+5 The Shangela Laquifa Wadley
Your queen makes an appearance on a later episode after getting kicked off

+2 Dr. in the house?
Your queen is the first to require medical attention

+2 The Heather
Your queen joins a clique worthy of the Heathers

+2 Golden Shower
Your queen throws a drink

+2 One Hit Wonder
Your queen drops a music video the night she sashays away, a la Miss Fame

+3 Meme Queen
Your queen is the face of the gay internet, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. (Think Aja and Valentina, who’s beautiful, a model, + looks like Linda Evangelista)

+1 The Nina Bo'Nina Blues
The judges question whether your queen’s heart is in the competition

+2 Appre-Cher-ation
Your queen receives a video message from a celeb they impersonated

-1 Weaveless
Your queen loses her wig on the runway and that bitch didn’t toss it

-1 One Trick Pony
Your queen is accused of having just one look by the judges (-2 if they accuse her twice, -3 three times)

-2 The Booger
A prettier set of queens decides your queen is a booger

-3 Untucked
Your queen is called out for not tucking by the judges

-3 Shady Shadows
Your queen is called out for her 5 o’clock shadow by the judges

-X The Willam
Your queen quits the show or is disqualified and leaves (X = The week number the queen leaves)

-4 Double Fisted
Your queen goes home in a double elimination

-2 Take that mask off, Valentina
The judges point out your queen didn’t know the words to her lip sync