Feel Your Fantasy Issue I

Feel Your Fantasy Issue I

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How to Run Your Own Rupaul's Drag Race Fantasy League.

In our debut fanzine, you'll find all the tools you need to run your own RPDR fantasy league, from our scoring system right down to tiara shopping tips. We've also added in a few essays on the Drag Race fandom, plus cock-tail recipes and a few other fun surprises.

Issue 1 is SOLD OUT in print.

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Feel Your Fantasy I was distributed for free on Church St. in Toronto in March 2017. We left pink bags with tiaras + zines outside of screening parties before the premiere of season nine. A small run of the issue was then distributed through zine shops + book stores across Canada.

Thanks to our retail partners:

  • Montreal: Wormhole (135 Van Horne)
  • Toronto: Glad Day Bookshop (499 Church St)
  • Kitchener: Open Sesame (220 King St W)
  • Winnipeg: Also As Well Too (753 Wall Street)